Text taken from “Helen Kish: The Artist
and Her Dolls” by Louise Fecher.
Reprinted with permission of Reverie
Publishing Company, Cumberland,
Maryland. www.reveriepublishing.com

Kish & Company creates, designs and produces fine collectible dolls. Helen Kish, whose career as a doll artist spans three decades, is recognized throughout the world for her significant contributions to the art of the doll.

One of the most sought after and respected doll artists working today, Helen Kish has created a rich repertoire of work ranging from charming limited-edition vinyl and porcelain dolls to evocative one-of-a-kind sculptures of clay, porcelain, bronze and stoneware.

Helen began working with clay and porcelain in the mid-1970s. Perfecting her skills as a maker of porcelain dolls was the artist’s initial path, yet she paused along the way to explore and master the mediums of bronze, stoneware clay and vinyl, the latter for which she has become best known. From the late 1970s to the late 1980s, Helen Kish sculpted more than one hundred dolls. She had named her one-woman operation "Helen Kish Originals," and sold her work primarily at shows. From the 1980s through the early 1990s, Helen also designed freelance for The Franklin Mint, The Danbury Mint, the San Francisco Music Box Company and The Hamilton Collection. Ultimately, however, Helen decided to follow her own vision and thus, Kish & Company was launched in 1991.

Today, Kish & Company offers a variety of dolls to collectors all over the world. Our dolls are available through select retailers in the United States and internationally. Many of our most valued collectors are part of the Kish Collectors Society, which debuted in 2000. Our continued growth and success with collectors has also allowed us to host our own series of collectors conventions: "Imagine That!" since 2007. Please see our Special Events page for information on our next convention!

An artist whose inner force led her to the doll maker's life, Helen Kish has already left an unmistakable mark on the doll world and there is still much more to come.