Snow White Riley

Riley steps back into the Renaissance as the beloved ‘Snow White’ with her raven hair and jewel toned attire. She wears a flounced gown of periwinkle blue illusion, with a dropped waist, narrow sleeves trimmed with lace and a ruffle of lace at the neckline. Over the gown is a tunic in rich burgundy. The skirt is a crisp, striped peau de soie; opening at the front to reveal a lacy embroidered hemline. The close-fitting bodice of burgundy wool felt laces up the front opening and repeats the embroidery pattern of the hemline. Riley Snow White wears her wavy black hair long and loose, but crowns it with a circlet of illusion, ribbon and embroidered flowers. Underneath it all, she wears long, narrow bloomers and burgundy slippers.
Story Book Dolls
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