Spryte (Collaboration with Robert Tonner)


Introduced at our convention Imagine That! Third Time’s a Charm Spryte is a rare collaboration between Helen and Robert Tonner. She has a 16" Tonner fashion body with 11 points of articulation but features a head sculpt by Helen Kish. The Ophelia sculpt used for Spryte first appeared on a special charity piece for the very first Kish convention. Spryte has big blue eyes and coral bee-stung lips. Her long blond crimped hair is a rooted synthetic fiber and reaches all the way to her fingertips. Dressed in a corset waist dress in shades of lavender, seafoam and gold with a layered asymmetrical handkerchief hem, the back has cleverly placed snaps to attach her wings. Spryte has matching pale lavender striped footless tights and glovelettes. Her heels are held in place with a clear band at the toes and have gold straps that cris-cross all the way up to the knees.

0x0x16 in
Convention Doll
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