Take Note Riki


One of the new babies in the Chrysalis line, Take Note Riki is 8", bent limb all vinyl doll with both new arm and new head sculpts. Her eyes are painted, her wig is black mohair, caught up in be-ribboned ponytails on each side of her head. She wears a musical frock to match big sister Song's, with black on ivory cotton, accented with a generous red dotted ruffle at the hem. There are matching panties with ruffles at the back over striped tights and a pair of red Mary Jane shoes to complete the ensemble.
This is a very special design. It was inspired by the original 14" ensemble that won both 1st place in its division (Make a Design with Paper) and the Popular Choice at the Kish collector's convention in May 2009
*The original design, created by Tim Purk, was made of Tyvek - a paper made for the construction industry. Tim has graciously allowed Kish & Company to reproduce this interpretation of his design. In return, Kish & Company will donate a portion of the sales to Marshall's Miles, a foundation which assists families of children born with SMA.

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