Suchin & Sasha


‘Suchin’ is the newest addition to the Chrysalis Collection, a 12" ball jointed doll with Asian features. ‘Suchin’ has an alert, intelligent expression that softens to sweetness as she looks lovingly at her baby doll, ‘Sasha’. ‘Suchin’ has brown eyes and a short black mohair wig tied up in a red silk ribbon. She wears a simple black and white polka dot, drop waist frock with an exuberant, fully gathered skirt with layers of red plaid and red tulle underneath. The bodice is embellished with a suspenders-like overlay of 1/8” red grosgrain ribbon with a black stripe down the middle that is beaded with tiny black beads. Her white socks are short and her leather Mary Jane shoes are bright red.

‘Sasha’ is a new sculpt with Asian features and brown eyes on our 6" vinyl baby body. She is happy to be in the arms of her ‘Mommy’ ‘Suchin’ (they come as a set). ‘Sasha’ wears a dress that is complimentary to ‘Suchin’s. It has a white, cap sleeved bodice trimmed with faux suspenders of red fringed black ribbon (dotted with red beads). Red plaid illusion and red tulle make up the full, layered skirt and she wears short white socks and white leather baby shoes. Capping her short black mohair wig is a red, cotton crocheted bonnet. Suchin.

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