Bitty Bethany Tres Chic

Bitty Bethany, an 11" vinyl doll with painted blue eyes and pale blonde buster brown style, mohair wig, wears a stylish one-piece suit in ecru microfiber suede, with short puffed sleeves and harem style pant legs. This is topped by a blue felt bodice pinafore with suede skirt cascading downward from the shorter front to seat length in the back. The pinafore is embroidered with beige spirals on the bodice and is topstitched all around the bodice and on the sleevecaps. Her beret is a stone colored felt, banded by blue felt and embellished with a large felt rosette and topstitching. Her shoes are blue, with flowered appliqués, tied ballet slipper style. Edition limited to 750.
Lady Kish Whimsies
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