Debut Shea

Introduced at our convention Imagine That! Third Time’s a Charm Shea is a very special addition to the Chrysalis Collection. Shea’s new face sculpt betrays the sweetness that is signature of Helen’s work while still offering a unique expression. Shea stands 14" high and has a body with 13 joints, at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. Debut Shea has light sky blue eyes and a very soft blond mohair wig. Her gorgeous grey party dress has skirt of grey plaid with black flocking and a knit bodice with beading at the shoulders. She comes outfitted with a silk burgundy sash pinned with a small brooch and high heels covered in matching silk. Like any fashionista Shea loves accessories and comes with extra leatherette t-strap high heels and silk sash sets in both peacock blue and white. Debut Shea is limited to 200 pieces.
Chrysalis Collection
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