Olivia & Effie


Our newest 12" head sculpt is paired with a new head sculpt for our 6" bent limb baby and have emerged as Olivia & Effie, inseparable, if moody little friends. Olivia has a long, jet black mohair wig with full bangs, and blue, blue eyes. She is wearing black and white striped tights under her black flowered cotton frock with long sleeves and off-white cuffs and collar. Atop her dress is a cognac colored wool felt pinafore with hand crocheted trim at the hem. Her hair is tied back with a bright tangerine silk ribbon and she wears black leather boots tied up the back. Even though she is only a baby doll, Effie mimics her best friend perfectly—from the long black mohair to the black print cotton frock, cognac colored pinafore with hand crocheted trim and black boots with black and white striped tights underneath. She would love to bring cheer to Olivia, but finds that she can only reflect her forlorn demeanor.

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